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This particular Error can be caused by a Software Problem on the Device or connection Problem on Cloud9 and Vader Streams Services.

In most cases it is an IP Ban though, due to using too often the wrong credentials, this IP ban can not be lifted and you need to restart your router and request a new IP Address via releasing your old one ( refer to your router documentation ).

Alternatively you can wait the amount of time displayed 1-4 hours until the IP Ban get lifted automatically

Please try the following steps to get around that and rule out various other problems.

– Try to clear cache and data in the APK Settings in Android Settings

– Try to uninstall then the APK and reinstall it and try again to login.

If that has not solved the Issue please disable:

– Any security or cleaner software on the device

– Any security feature on the Router ( such as Firewall, parental control etc. )

– Any security feature on ISP Side of your account ( such as Vshield etc. )

If you then still encounter this problem , the following solutions can help:

– Try to use a VPN on the Device, we recommend NordVPN: https://go.nordvpn.net/SH1O1

You can use of course any free VPN as well to try it out.

– Try to test it on a Windows PC with Perfect player ( also works on Android ) or My IPTV player or VLC and utilize the M3U Feature as outlined here: https://cloud9tv.info/support/m3u-any-iptv-player/

We hope this solves your problem and you can enjoy the streams!

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