APK Has Crashed – Restart

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While this should not happen in the first place, it can happen with the APK from Cloud9 and Vader Streams which as a custom APK with a lot of features.

Unfortunately this can lead on certain Android Versions, specially if these are highly modified versions ( Samsung for example ) or rooted  or Android Versions below 5.1.

If your APK has worked before and it happens after an update, this can be related to caching problems which can be resolved as follows:

  1. Navigate into the Android Settings -> Apps
  2. Search for the Cloud9 / Vader Streams APK
  3. Click Force Stop
  4. Click Clear Cache
  5. Click Clear Data
  6. Restart your Android Device

Once the APK has started up you will be prompted to re-login and the APK should work.

Please Note: We do not support Android Versions below 5.1 for our Cloud9 / Vader Streams APK, in that case you would need to use an 3rd Party IPTV/M3U Player.

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