APK is Not Working Correctly

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If your APK is not behaving as it should, crashes this could be related to a Bug, in most cases it is either a corrupt APK or Cache from the APK.

This is of course a very frustrating situation and while we can not solve it in every case due to the many different Android Versions, we will try to give you some tips.

  1. make sure that you clear in the Android Settings under Apps the Cache and Data for the APK
  2. try to reinstall the application
  3. restart your device, best unplug the power from the device for at least 1 minute
  4. restart your router

If you still encounter issue, please let us know which device you using, in general the APKs work on normal TV Boxes, FIreTV and FireSticks very well.

In the meantime you can also use an 3rd party iptv player such as Perfect player, iptv extreme, etc.

You can find the guide for it here: https://cloud9tv.info/support/m3u-any-iptv-player/

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