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Freezing Picture/Buffering can be caused by many factors.

The following Steps can help to resolve or ease the problem.

  • Check your internet connection if you have sufficient enough speed on your streaming device left
  • Check your Wifi speed if you using Wifi connection
  • Check the device to ensure the correct amount of space is available
  • Clear Cache and Data in the Android APP Settings for the Cloud9 APK.
  • Reinstall the APK and try again
  • Try a 3rd Party IPTV player such as Perfect player, IPTV extreme, GSE , etc as sometimes on devices these can maybe run better then the Cloud9 APK.
  • If buffering happens on an 3rd Party IPTV player, please try to re-add the M3U list or try another App.
  • Sometimes buffering could be caused on our end and it usually resolves itself, as we reset servers. Visit our Telegram Channel for shorter outages and Maintenance announcements as well as help from users and staff.
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