Login not working after Password change

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We have changed your Password and now your Login is not working?

( please note that only we can change your password, if you changed your password on the website, this has nothing to do with the streaming login )

This is a very common Issues, specially for Cloud9, but also happens on other services and is entirely a Device Caching Problem.

To solve this, please follow below steps exactly.

  • Wait 60 Minutes ( Cloud9 only ) as the Server might have locked you out for too many failed attempts
  • Go into Android App settings, to the APK ( Cloud9, Zforce, etc. ) and click on it.
  • Click Force Stop
  • Click Delete Cache
  • Click Delete Data
  • Now uninstall the APK ( do NOT skip above steps or it will NOT work )
  • Restart your Streaming Device
  • Restart your Router
  • re download now the APK new from our Website or get the links in our Support Channel by typing in the Channel !apk
  • Install the APK and Login
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