Need Support?

Due to the nature of the Business we operate globally and in 2018, Support Methods like Email or Phone are quite outdated and partially also not possible to keep the costs for you down.

We do operate a Telegram Community Channel where you will find Help from other Users of our Services and also from Staff and Admins which are present.

Please note that we are not available 24/7 but as much as possible and often other Users can help you out!


You can download the Telegram App here:
Telegram for Windows
Telegram for Apple
Telegram for Android

 There are rules?

Yes there are, to keep the support as efficient as possible and help you as fast we can and also to ensure that the communication in the channel stays professional please take note of the following rules!

  1. Please check the pinned post in the Channel as often Outages are posted there
  2. Scroll up some messages, if there is an announcement about Outages you will see it there
  3. No arguing / racism
  4. No advertising of services not sold through us
  5. No spamming in chat with useless information
  6. Not following the Issue Template = NO HELP FROM STAFF
  7. If you can not Login, make sure you have received the Login Information which takes max. 24 hours
  8. DO NOT private message an Admin without being told, as these are blocked by default
  9. DO NOT use secure chat ( from the phone ), we work on desktops mostly and won´t even see it
  10. Support will only be provided in English through Staff, if you insist to not speak english, only a user can help you which might speak your language.
  11. Make sure you utilize our Channel Bot, which has a lot of information and help for you available when we not! You can get a list of commands by typing “!help” without the “” in the Telegram Channel!

Please describe your Problems with the following Template:

  • Problem: ( Login, Buffering, Channel not working )
  • Your Username ( Do not mention your password )
  • The Service you purchased ( e.g. Cloud9, Nitro, etc. )
  • In case you haven´t received your login, your Transaction / Order ID
  • In case of technical Issues: Your Device and ISP
  • In case of Buffering and Channel Outage: Which Channels, what happens exactly
  • For all Issues except Billing: Your OS ( Android, iOS, etc. ) , Device ( What device you using ), Apps ( APK, M3U, etc. )
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